Structured Ideation and Refinement

Final idea: Modular personalized skate gear.



Modular knee pads instead of helmet
Color changing instead of modular
Instead of helmet clips use velcro
Instead of using clips use magnets
Plastic instead of foam modulated pieces
Instead of a helmet use a protective hoodie
Use a bike helmet instead of a skateboard helmet w/ modulated design
Suction cups instead of clips

Set of helmet/knee pads all modular
Bike safety light+modular helmet = light up modular pcs
White board+helmet = sketchable helmet
Ear buds+helmet = helmet that plays music
Wine cork+modular pcs = modular pcs that fit with any helmet
suspenders+knee pads = knee pads that don’t fall down
Barbie + gear = the ability to twin with your barbie / doll
Pants + knee pads = incognito pads

Use helmet as a transport vessel for other gear
Helmet/winter hat
Shell helmet w/ rifle — shoot own deer diy horn helmet. Valuable life skills + product you can be proud of. Blood+sweat+tears
Past -> custom leather helmets
Viking helmet — strong/fearsome
Adapt to deformation — make sure product/added components can deform/be safe/avoid lawsuits
Contexts -> skate park/indoor/outdoor/all climates
Contexts -> Halloween / all seasons / people get dressed up for the holidays

Matching kid+parent sets of gear
Moldable components
Lights/fire/sparks (think sparks razor scooter)
Prts that move w/ air — tassels, feathers, fans(?)
Shiny add ons/sparkly
Hulk fist hand guards
Moldable hand guards — w/ heat adapt to different hand/wrist shapes
Matching set of hyper expressive pads+helmet

Hand pads are 1 pc instead of 2
Change clips/velcro on pads to snap bracelet snaps
instead of snap modular pcs use vinyl stickers
Make clip on pcs glow
Put holes in knee pads so that you can use modular pcs with them
Add dangley chords to knee pads w/ beads
Add clips to knee pads to keep them together
Costume helmet/superhero helmet
Modify circular shape of helmet

Put to other use
Put modulated pcs on backpacks
Put modulated pcs on bicycle bars
Use hand guards as part of costume — witch fingers
Spinning hubs for wheels
Extended knee guards to protect against joints
Could use in any extream sport market
Could be made from silicon, foam, magnets, rubber

Spacey helmet, large holes cool new look to helmets — brakes from stigmatization norm
Eliminate straps on skates
Eliminate wrist protection from wrist guards
Eliminate lower strap from skate
Eliminate velcro from pads
Eliminate chin strap
Eliminate hard shell on pad

Ankle braces — coping savers
Decorations for the inside of helmet
Reversible pads — dif colors on each side
Fabric helmet
Fabric cover for helmet
Product targeted at young boys instead of girls
Girls can play with boy toys too
Wheel toppers


The five functional requirements used can be seen above. As I was working through this activity I found myself leaning towards intangible things such as “personal talent” or “bright colors” instead of tangible objects. I do not feel that this negatively impacted my analysis. The connection chain I felt most strongly about was that between life vest, cool clothes, slippers, bright colors, and purse make up mirror. I want my product to be easy to transport/compact like the mirror and slippers. I want it to be comfortable to use and unobtrusive to skaters as they practice their sport like the clothes and the slippers. But, at the same time, I want it to thoroughly protect the user like the life vest.



Fri 11/16: Start to think about SCAMPER concepts, get 3 ideas on paper per letter

Sat 11/17: Nothin

Sun 11/18: Continue to think about SCAMPER, hash out product ideas further so that there are at least 7 ideas per letter. Select the the best idea for each letter.

Mon 11/19: Create a high quality drawing for each product (9 total), scan them in and include them in blog post

Tues 11/20: Complete the Morphological Analysis for the key idea. Follow rubric closely

Wed 11/21: Create focus / product pitch slides

Thurs 11/22: Finish blog post

Roller-skater, engineer, bike mechanic, artist.