Bare ass piñata party

Last week some of my favorite people agreed to skate in their bikinis and break open a piñata with me. 1 piñata was very harmed. I had a great time. Brett made a video comp that I want to jump into and live inside forever. See below.

Shelby ❤
Video filmed and edited by Brett Rosiejka. Skaters Celiagonzalezhandleyelizabethshelbyteal.

Yesterday a co-worker/friend brought me mountain biking for the first time. He borrowed a hardtail for me to use and we rode Inver Grove Heights with a friend of his. All of the green around the trail made me smile so much my cheeks hurt. I struggled with trusting downhill turns, and controlling the back of the bike when going over obstacles. It will be more fun when I am comfortable enough on the trail/bike to take risks. Next goals are burms, jumps, standing more.

Borrowed bike ❤

This experience made me especially thankful for the positive ass people in my life who I can lean on to pull me into or out of my comfort zone. I feel like a pokemon trainer trying to catch’em all.

On Saturday March 13th 2021 I went on my first gravel bicycle ride. It was a 50 mile route out of Vermillion MN organized by the Angry Catfish Bicycle and Coffee Bar. The ride was meant to replace Mid South, which is historically hosted in Oklahoma but was canceled this…

Final idea: Modular personalized skate gear.



Modular knee pads instead of helmet
Color changing instead of modular
Instead of helmet clips use velcro
Instead of using clips use magnets
Plastic instead of foam modulated pieces
Instead of a helmet use a protective hoodie
Use a bike helmet instead of a skateboard helmet w/ modulated design


Do Something Fun

This past weekend I went to Duluth with my friend Brett and the singular goal of skating. We did not know what skate parks existed in Duluth, but we figured that with a population of 86,000 people there must be at least one. We set out…

Celia G

Roller-skater, engineer, bike mechanic, artist.

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